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Website Development and Maintenance

Web design involves developing the look and feel of your pages. It includes selecting graphics, choosing fonts and colors and planning the layout of the page. Web design uses HTML to determine the behavior of the page while the appearance is usually programmed using Cascading Style Sheets. Web page design traditionally requires some programming but you can implement simple pages without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Some website hosts offer page building tools that allow you to assemble your site from elements such as text fields and graphics. Web designers use packages such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive to program Web pages. Code-free Web design packages that let you construct sites without knowing how to program include Xara's Web Designer packages.

Maintenance includes regular visits to the page to make sure that it is displaying properly. Database files and other files can sometimes become corrupted or damaged; these would need to be repaired. Other possible problems could include the site going offline due to too much traffic or an attack by hackers. If the site contains details of prices, services or products that you offer, for example, these would need to be updated to reflect any changes. You also need to periodically check the links on your pages to ensure they're not broken.

Golden Radiant can be your webmaster, simplifying tedious tasks such as fixing bugs, monitoring performance, software upgrades, creating backups, administering email service and enhancing site’s speed, to name a few. We also setup third party integration for services such as Affiliate tracking, Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. You can rely on us for all kinds of tweaking & upgrades that every website requires from time-to-time.We maintain websites for many clients and have a good understanding of the most popular hosting services and serve clients across the world for dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting and more. We offer hosting services from Quality Host and Dream Host for our clients, but we can recommend a host based on your requirements, location and budget. Our span of hosting services also cover issues related to host migration, so that you migrate your hosting with minimal or no interruption in service.

  • Whether you're looking to have your first website or need to update your existing website, we can help.We have experience building custom websites, ecommerce sites and helping get your site mobile optimized. Too many web designers forget that.You have graphic designers who build pretty sites, but you have no idea who it's for or what you're supposed to do or where to click.You have programmers who build robust sites, but you have no idea who it's for or what your supposed to do or where to click. Even if you can figure it out, you usually don't want to.Golden Radiant is, at its core, a marketing agency. Therefore, when we build websites, it's about engaging the consumer. It's about getting you leads. It's about building your brand and making the consumer want what you sell.
  • We offer web design, web hosting and web maintenance programs. We also work with blogs, podcasts and videocasts, social networks and social media, so your site takes advantage of all the web has to offer.We are certified in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ensure that best practices are incorporated into every site.Need marketing automation? Let's talk about HubSpot options! Not ready for HubSpot? We work with a variety of platforms. Let's talk!