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Marketing and Sales Consulting

Marketing and sales consulting and requirements to create a clean competitive atmosphere:

  • Strategic thinking and effective operations,
  • Technology and integration of the marketing and sales system
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Understand how to advertise our partners' products and what they need
  • Awareness through ethical procurement practices.
  • Significant dynamic relationship and partnership between local and global procurement
  • Strong contract negotiation skills to build trust to better serve our partners
  • Strategic planning and thinking that enables us to provide partners with sustainability
  • Business improvement processes.
  • We are innovative in creating more realistic procurement solutions to achieve them
  • Maximum profitability, speed and agility through digital transformation.
  • Our expertise in procurement and contract management with more than 16 years of experience in procurement and logistics services.
  • Customer experience and persuasion We aim to exceed our clients' expectations to achieve the long-term goals of our partners.
  • Innovation in using best practices to support our supplier base in applying the latest methods of digital procurement through technology.
  • Purchasing management services that will save you cost of recruitment through our management method.
  • Complete procurement and operational and strategic management services
  • Consulting related to the digital transformation of procurement and ERP management
  • Project procurement management services.
  • How to issue purchase orders to suppliers.
  • Identifying needs and analyzing requirements.
  • Market analysis at the macro level.
  • How to identify new suppliers.
  • Forming a marketing team in line with the goals of companies and institutions.