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  • Unlike older technologies, Golden Radiant eSourcing system was built, from the ground up. The result is an intuitive software platform that combines a simple, easy to use navigation with robust data management capabilities.
  • Our eSourcing suite includes eRFx software and encompasses a simple Request For Information (RFI) tool for quick and easy vendor discovery; a Request for Proposal (RFP) tool for more in-depth supply market investigations; and an eAuction (Dynamic Bidding) suite. Our patented Matrix™ design allows granular bidding on up to 400,000 items simultaneously – ideal for complex auctions, where discrete lots comprise multiple components (such as freight, logistics, produce etc.). Contract planning tools include notifications and reporting capabilities, and our fully automated discovery engine ensures that negotiation professionals are working from the most relevant/current set of information (highlighting any discrepancies).
  • Providing support in documenting and issuing official documents for the institution with all government departments, including activity and labor licenses, in a way that preserves stability and legality of activity.