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Developing Partnership

  • We believe that successful partnerships are based on a clear growth strategy, tight partner alignment, and shared capabilities. We help our clients achieve success by conducting rigorous upfront research to screen for the best market opportunities and potential partners, searching for partners that play to our clients’ strengths.
  • We also help clients build an approach to strategic partnerships that do not leave them overly dependent on the performance or commitment of a single partner. Our experience in conducting market analysis and industry-specific research leaves us uniquely positioned to deliver on all aspects of the complexity and nuances associated with forming a strategic partnership.
  • Providing support in documenting and issuing official documents for the institution with all government departments, including activity and labor licenses, in a way that preserves stability and legality of activity.
  • Golden Radiant start-to-finish approach to Developing Partnerships can help you:: -
    • Surface gaps that could be complemented by a partner’s resources.
    • Identify capabilities that could be valuable to a developing partner
    • Conduct market, customer, and competitor analyses to surface new growth opportunities
    • Identify targets that are a good strategic fit and willing to partner
    • Monitor partner performance over time

Help companies expand their capabilities without the added step of creating those capabilities in-house, increasing business risks by carrying extra costs/assets on the balance sheet. Companies, therefore, perform more efficiently and adapt more quickly than they would on their own. A recent Golden Radiant survey underscores this trend: more CEOs cited developing partnerships as their number-one growth strategy than any other (eclipsing new product launch, geographic expansion, and other traditionally favored strategies).