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After the organization undertakes the selection and appointment process, the need for training becomes clear as a necessary and important activity that in turn contributes to increasing the efficiency and productivity of the organization, and the effectiveness of training depends on the efficiency of the institution in the selection and appointment process, and it is not sufficient to select workers who are suitable for the work who are selected, but selection should follow. Training of these workers on their jobs efficiently and proficiently in order to raise their level of productive efficiency to the maximum possible

Extent to perform their tasks entrusted to them with the least effort and the latest methods.

Training is a necessary necessity for every worker to get acquainted with the nature of his work and to be prepared for the work that falls within his area of competence. Training takes two complementary directions, the first is to train new workers and qualify them to work in the system and start their career, while the second direction concerns old workers, where training helps them receive new information, And learning new working methods that increase their skills and ability to work with the highest degree of efficiency and performance.

  • Golden Rediant trains these cadres at the highest level using scientific materials and modern methods to enable them to raise the level of performance and productivity, which includes a package of scientific materials in (the art of management and time management - accounting for beginners and practitioners and accounting for employers who They want to manage the business of their own organizations - training in various accounting programs - the art of marketing - sales method - administrative affairs, personnel and human resources - training on how to find solutions and face potential market problems).
  • Training the female component in the jobs created for them in various fields, as well as the owners of companies and institutions in various aspects (financial - administrative – marketing - customer service - dealing with government interests in completing transactions - the legal field through our partners in this specialization - in addition to training them on how Time management), in line with our government's rational policy of providing multiple job opportunities for women in various and various fields and providing them with investment opportunities and business management.