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Our Services in Supporting Events

  • Provide support in organizing events and managing all event details such as decoration, restaurants, entertainment, transportation, location, guest list, special guests, equipment, promotional materials, etc.
  • Ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health, security and safety obligations.
  • Promote events across all social media platforms.
  • Supporting event owners with logistical and administrative support and assistance in making creative decisions.
  • Ensure all branded items arrive at events in a timely manner.
  • Determine client requirements and expectations for each event.
  • Communicating with vendors, exhibitors and stakeholders during the event planning process to ensure everything as planning.
  • Participate in managing all event preparation processes, including organizing, arranging, dismantling, following up and arranging places, buffet, reservations of artists, photographers, if required, and sound system.
  • Participate in following up the final organizing processes on the day of the event to ensure that everything adheres to the standards and requirements of the event owners.
  • Ensure that all health safety measures are observed and that staff are well-versed in emergency protocols.
  • Providing a positive and comfortable atmosphere where guests can enjoy the event.
  • Coordinating with the team and ensuring that they work together in harmony.

Our Skills in Supporting Events

  • Event services can include the following: brainstorming for events, sourcing artists, photographers, event channels, speakers, venues, agents, suppliers, and communicating with them, working with PR, marketing and press teams to enhance the institutions' profile, planning event logistics: venue, food, seating, etc. Coordinating invitations and sending correspondence, handling health and safety, writing the press release, necessary administration and record keeping, managing teams of assistants and volunteers, negotiating rates, setting budget, dealing with suppliers, coordination, administration and post-event evaluation; Forms for comments, surveys, etc.
  • Providing ideas and suggestions to improve the services provided and the quality of the event.
  • Coordination with marketing and public relations to promote and publicize the event.
  • Conducting pre- and post-event evaluations, reporting results, evaluating the overall success of the event, and sending the results as a post-event service.